Kishtwar is a municipality in the Kishtwar District of the Jammu region in J&K. As the seat of district administration, it houses governmental offices including the Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner.The natives also speak a distinct language related to this area only and has been named as Kishtwar. Being a part of Dogra kingdom certain customs and words of Dogri have also been incorporated in the native language.


The Chenab River flows through the district and is joined by tributries such as Marvisudar ruver of Mawah, Fambar Nallah, Chingam Nallah which meet at the confuence near Bhandarkoot. The rivers have given a unique look to the area with steep gorges and wide plains on the way. Padder Tehsil has breathtaking mountain landscape which are a treat to the eyes of travellers.

Kishtwar is bounded on the north by Kashmir and Zanskar Velleys, on the south by Bhaderwah and Doda Tehsils, on the east by Himachal Predesh and on the west by Anantnag and Ramban Districts. Kishtwar district branches off in three valleys of Marwa,Warwan,Padder and Chatru with their terminal at Kishtwar town.Their is no other vehicular road link to these valleys except from the Kishtwar terminal.The Gateway to Dachhan is Ekhala and Hanzel to Marwa Warwan Valley whereas Lidrari is Gateway to Padder valley and Dadpath Chatru Valley.

There are a number of mountain passes on the mountain ranges which links kishtwar district with the other parts of Jammu & Kashmir state.Synthan pass links Chingam with Daksum valley of Anantnag District at the elevation of 3784 meters whereas Margan pass links Warwan Valley with Naubugh in Kashmir at a height of 3585 meters.Bhot Kol or Lanwille pass ,the route between Warwan and Zanskar at a height of 4421 meters.